Influenster Dove Deodorant VoxBox Product Review

Influenster Dove Deodorant VoxBox Product Review

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I received this VoxBox for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest review and opinion. 

I was very excited to receive this VoxBox because I love Dove company. From their soaps to their chocolates, I think they’re really good at delivering an amazing product that will please even the most particular tastes. 

This VoxBox contained a new deodorant by Dove that they are testing. The one I received was “rose petal scent”. It is a 24hr odor protection with 0% aluminum and 0% alcohol. It also has 1/4 moisturizers. This 0% alcohol means it is perfect for delicate skin, which I have. And the extra creamy moisturizing is ideal for those who have delicate, dry skin. 

I’ve been using Dove deodorants exclusively for a long time now. So I am very happy they’re coming up with new scents.  Five stars review. Scroll down to read the review. 


The VoxBoxes come in different colors; this one came in black. 

Below you see the picture of what the VoxBox contents look like. They always contain the product together with the insert that tells you about the product. Influenster VoxBoxes always have beautiful presentation which makes you feel really good when you open the Boxes. 

Here is the new scent Dove is trying. I have to say I am super excited about this scent. It is perfect. The smell is gentle, fragrant but not overbearing or overpowering your senses. But not so faint tha you can’t enjoy the fragrance either. It is creamy, smooth, silky. Applies nicely without any unpleasant sticky feeling most other deodorants give you. The creamy deodorant does not ‘peel’ or “flake” which is a biggie for me because I thoroughly dislike deodorants that turn into cottage cheese under my arm pits. The fragrance lasts and you feel really good putting it on. 

I don’t have any issues with odor after this deodorant. All the Dove deodorants I’ve tried have never failed to provide the protection I can truly trust. 

I am giving this new scent five stars. For the scent and for the functionality. Works like magic, great every time. 

Below is a close up of this particular new deodorant with info. Beautiful pink presentation which makes you just want to use it right there and then. 

Below is the back of the deodorant with the product info and details. 

As always, comes with the protective casing which is easy to remove if you turn the wheel to bring up the deodorant out of the container a little more. 

And here below is the silky smooth elegance of the deodorant. I am so excited! I cannot wait until this product is out on the shelves readily available everywhere. So far I have not seen this particular smell, but now I will be paying attention each time I am running low on my Dove deodorants. Who knows, this might be already out in the area where you are. I am not sure. I do recommend trying it if you enjoy elegant and trustworthy creamy deodorants that do not mess up your gentle skin. 

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Click on the image above to view the product.


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