Influenster VoxBox Tiffany & Co. Love Fragrances for Him & for Her Product Review

Complimentary Influenster VoxBox Tiffany and Co. Love Fragrances for him & for her product review.

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I received this VoxBox from Influenster free of charge in exchange for my honest review of the test product they sent me to try.

Tiffany & Co. Love Fragrances for Him & for Her Review

SHORT REVIEW: Well, what can I say? I was very excited when Influenster emailed me and  told me they were going to send me Tiffany & Co. new fragrance to try out. The company is well known for its quality and elegance. 

However, short story even shorter, I did not like these new fragrances. The men’s fragrance made me think of just an average, safe, typical male fragrance that you smell everywhere you go. The women’s fragrance seemed more promising when I sniffed the sample, but when I applied it to the inside of my wrist it smelled like a typical, safe, boring smell of some common perfume you smell everywhere. 

This is the short review. Below I will give you the photos, and all the juice details. After all, this is the kind of stuff that you want to really know all the itsy bitsy details about to decide for yourself if you want to give this fragrance a shot. I recommend that you do because we all have different fragrance preferences AND hormones which affects how a particular smell will smell on you. It might smell meh on me but might smell wow on you. Never know. So give it a shot if you like the company. 

With this said, let’s dwell deeper into the review with all the juicy details. 


The VoxBox, of course, has beautiful presentation, as always. The samples of the fragrance were also very well put together and beautifully designed. It does not mislead in what it promises to do. So in that sense, it does deliver. It is breezy, easy, barely there kind of scent that won’t make much of a statement or an impact on you or anyone who smells it on you. If anything, it will just let the people who smell it on you know that you take good care of yourself. That’s about it. 

Nonetheless, the product does say that it has woody scents to it, and it does. So they did not lie when they said both male and female version of this love fragrance does have woody quality and scents to it. 

The fragrance is very airy, almost fairy-like in its scent... without much passion or character. It is like a fresh breeze of water at dawn. In my opinion, not very impressive.

If you're into airy, very light fragrances, then you might really consider giving this fragrance a shot.

I personally prefer strong fragrances that make a statement that will make me unforgettable. However, if you like wearing perfume every day like a set of earrings that you always have on as part of your getting ready for the day, then you really might like this fragrance because it is not strong, it won’t make you tired of it, and it won’t really cloud your senses like the stronger fragrances you might want to wear for an evening or other. 

So this perfume is definitely worth a shot if you’re into gentle smells that you can wear everyday without it being overbearing. 

The photo above shows the details of the scent for Her.

The photo above shows you the description and the details for the fragrance for Him. 

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