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I received this #pantenevoxbox @influenster for free in exchange for an honest product review.

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I received this #pantenevoxbox for free from @influenster in return for my honest review of this product. Follow me on Influenster.com @KateBegotten to see my other Influenster reviews that I make often. When I receive a complimentary #voxbox from @Influenster I always post my honest review across all of my social media channels. 

My Product Review Rating:

Pantene Pro-V One Step Nourishing Hair Mask

Quenches Dry, Parched Hair

hair mask

Quick answer for those who do not want to scroll down for the complete review:

This product really works. I totally recommend it. If you have lifeless hair and don’t want to read down all the way to the end of this review, but want to know the final answer, then YES, my answer is YES, GET THIS STUFF. IT WORKS. ONE MAJOR DRAWBACK: This product did irritate my scalp when I applied it onto my entire head. However, the second time I put this product only onto my mid length and down to the tips and I had no irritation whatsoever. Thus, I am definitely going to buy it again and just not apply it onto my scalp. 

Below is the full product review for those who want to know the details:

Wow, I have to admit, apart from getting my first #VoxBox @Influenster excitement, this hair mask actually works. I am very skeptical, so for me to really like something it has to be truly good. I have very dry, parched, color treated and lifeless long hair. This product’s description “quenches dry, parched hair” applies exactly to my hair. 

Below I will review the product in full details. Read on to find out how I used it and the pros & cons of this product. 

This #pantenevoxbox from @Influenster came in this little box like this. The product was wrapped in tissue paper nicely inside. Loved the presentation and the box. Super cute and fun to open!

hair mask

When I opened up the #voxbox there was the hair mask for me to try! Love how they do it @Influenster. Sign up for your Influenster Reviewer Account here: www.influenster.com 

My First Step:

The product says to use it after shampooing. It does not say anything about applying a conditioner after shampooing so I did not use any conditioner. I went straight to this product after shampooing my hair the usual way that I do. It also does not specify which shampoo to use so I just used my regular shampoo.

My Second Step:

The product said to apply the mask starting mid length and all the way down focusing on the ends. Then to just comb it from top to bottom. 

I applied it onto my head and ran it down all the way to the ends from scalp to ends. I was surprised to find out that just half of the contents of the bag was enough to saturate my entire head an hair. I have long hair so that is surprising. I left the other half to use for the next time. 

My Third Step:

The product said to leave it on for 5-7 minutes. I held it on my head for 7 minutes exactly. 

MAJOR PRODUCT CON: My scalp started to burn and itch pretty badly after having the product on my head for exactly 5 minutes. I kept hanging on for 7 minutes because I wanted to leave the product on for the longest recommended time. Needless to say, I was totally glad to rinse it all off at 7 minutes. 

My Fourth Step:

The product did not say to apply anything after this mask, so I just let my hair air dry throughout the night. I specifically did not want to blow dry it to damage the hair more, or to style it in any way. Any hair that is heat styled looks better than air dried hair. I wanted to see the results of this mask without any styling or any help from me whatsoever. 

All I did was just dry my hair with my NUME Hair Towel, braid it still wet and go to sleep. 

Final results:

My parched, totally dry, color treated lifeless hair was actually brought back to life! I was very pleasantly surprised. As you can see from the before and after pictures below, I had life in my hair after just the first use! 



As you can see, I have severely damaged hair. The picture above is me without any hair product or styling. It was just clean hair that I brushed in the morning and took the picture for this review.


The picture above is after using this hair mask just once. All I had done after washing my hair the previous night was just dry it, braid it wet and go to sleep. The picture you see above is the hair in the morning without any products or styling. Just brushed my hair and took this picture for this review.

Additional PRO details about this hair mask

There was still contents of this mask left in my sample so I used it up for the second time that same night. My hair the next morning after just air drying it and braiding it wet for sleep (just like the first time) came out even more rejuvenated than what you see in the above picture. 

In addition to this hair mask actually working, another super benefit of this product is its great smell. It has a strong fragrance that makes you feel like you are in a nice hair salon. My husband was in adjacent room while I was waiting the 7 minutes to pass and he told me that he could smell the mask. That is nice if you are like me and enjoy strong fragrances in your hair products. The smell also lasted me at least first half of the next day. I could smell it and it made me smile. Really worth it when a product gives you enjoyment after you use it. 

Major CON and how I dealt with it

Like I said earlier, the major con was that the hair mask really irritated my sensitive scalp when I used the product on my entire head. 

What I did the next time I used up the rest of the mask was instead of applying it onto my scalp, I just applied it mid length all the way to the tips and DID NOT RUN MY FINGERS THROUGH THE HAIR FROM TOP TO BOTTOM like the mask recommends. I just left my scalp alone entirely and waited additional 7 minutes. 

The second time I did not get any reaction because my scalp was totally free from this product. 

So if you are ok with that, just use the product from mid length all the way down and do not use it on your scalp if you have sensitive skin on your head. 

Bottom line:

I am definitely going to buy this product again. I have tried many hair masks and hair restoring products and this so far is the first one that really rejuvenates severely damaged hair. In addition to that, you don’t have to leave it on overnight or sit there for thirty minutes like some other hair masks want you to. 

There is pretty much little to no inconvenience when using this mask. You can just shave your legs and armpits in the mean time and the five minutes will pass, unlike those other products that ask you to hold it on your head for at least ten minutes or even longer. 



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