Sally Hansen Green With Envy Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Green With Envy” Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Hand As Nails Nail Polish Green With Envy. Spring Nail Polish Review

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The winter has come back all over again. Just when I thought we were going to get some relief, we ended up with a huge storm and a lot of snow. The roads are icy. The trees are bear and longing for color to come back. Everything is making this winter season seem endless. 

In addition to the gloomy grey colors of this season, my baby got sick this week. It is our first time and I am really stressed out. I figured I need something green and full of life to look at. I decided to give this nail polish a try. 

The color you see on the bottle is true to what you get on your nails. I really like that. You don’t have to guess whether you will get some diluted color or not. In the pictures you see, I used two coats of the nail polish and one coat of the DIOR Top Coat Abricot

sally hansen nail polish green with envy

The bottle looks different from this one when you open the link, but it is the same nail polish. I guess they keep updating it. 

I really like how this nail polish is easy to apply. It flows well. As you can see from the pictures, it is really honest in color so you get what you see. Often the color you see on the bottle is not going to be the same color you see on your nails. That is because the color is very concentrated in the bottle but you are putting only a few drops of it onto your nails. 

This one lasted me for about a week. I would say that usually my colors last me over two weeks. I would say that it is a medium wear. So I would definitely not call it ‘tough as nails’ because there are other nail polishes that have lasted me months, literally. I had to wipe them off with all my strength to get rid of them. 

This one is just a week which is not bad. There are times when a nail polish peals off the same day or in a couple of days. This one peels off in a week. By the way, it is also easy to remove once you are done with it. You don’t have to scrape your nails to get it off. 

This nail polish lasted me a week. I would say that is a low average, but not bad at all.

The brush is not ideal, but not the worst. As you know, I do not use any nail polish that does not have the right – wide – brush. It is just not worth it because you can’t apply the polish as nicely as with the wide brush. In addition, most nail polishes now come with the wide brush because that is the brush used by most professionals. 

This color offers second best brush. As you can see, it is not really wide, but not very thin either. It is a little too round on all sides without having that flat side which wide brushes have. This helps you to apply the polish with juts one or two strokes. 

This brush here allowed me to do a clean mani but with about two to three brush strokes. Not ideal, but not bad either. If you have no level of experience, then I recommend using the wide flat brush first just so that you avoid any headache associated with other harder to use brushes. If you are medium to professional levels, then this brush won’t be a challenge, just an annoyance. 

The brush in this tube is not ideal, but second best. It is not wide enough and a little too round.

IF you are a beginner, you can still try this just know that there are easier brushes out there. Check out my vlog on how to do your own manicure here. Also, this vlog on how to pain your own nails neatly

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