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Turquoise and White Polka Dot Nails

Discover a very easy and beautiful nail art design with this nail art pen and nail polish. Easy nail art.

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nail art

This morning I decided to try out a new nail art pencil and nail polish that I recently bought. Lately, it is cold here in Kansas. I wanted to brighten things up a bit. I am a big fan of nail art and have always experimented with various stickers and drawing techniques. And, I figured today was the perfect morning to give myself a new, springy look.

I recommend that you know how to do your own manicure and learn how to paint your nails professionally at home. This way you are never dependent on any salon to do it for you. Also, that is especially true if you have a spontaneous, last minute event to go to. ( I love it when my husband surprises me with one of those). 

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OPI Nail Lacquer My Dogsled is a Hybrid

You can click on the image above or the link below to view this nail polish.

OPI Nail Lacquer My Dogsled is a Hybrid is the one that I decided to try out today. I think they’ve updated the bottle because my tube looks a little different than the preview above. However,  it is the same color and name. 

This one came out as a nice spring like color. It comes out looking identical to the color you see on the bottle. I really like that. You get the color you see on the bottle. 

The brush is also one that I work with – I do not mess with those tiny straw looking brushes that only give you headache and nothing else. I recommend you use these wide brushes. You guarantee yourself less headache and a nice, tidy experience when your brush is wide like this.

turquoise nail polish

Even though the front label looks different on my picture vs the product link picture, it is the same nail polish. I guess they've changed their bottles.

OPI Nail Lacquer my dogsled is a hybrid

It's got the brush type that you want if you like a neatly done job

OPI Nail Polish

In Addition...

Most of the nail polish companies have started switching to these kinds of brushes. I think they know that professional nail polish lovers will not bother with the other brush kinds. 

This kind of wide brush is the best to work with because it allows you to cover most of your nail with just one stroke. This helps you to paint your nails much neater and minimize the wiggling of the starting line up on top where your cuticle is. 

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Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen, Fine, Pearly White

This Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen, Fine, Pearly White is the one I used to achieve this look The tip is really fine. I was able to really experiment with various lines and designs. I settled on the dots for these nails. 

If you press the tip just lightly onto your nail it gives you a nice fine dot. If you press a little harder, it gives you a larger dot. It’s really neat and you can create really intricate designs with this pen.

It is easy and not messy

What I loved the most about this pencil is that I could apply it right away after I just painted my nails. I specifically wanted to test that out to see if it would mess up the still wet nail polish or not. It didn’t. To me, that is priceless because it means I don’t have to waste any time waiting for the nail polish to dry up before I could apply the pencil. 

Now, I did not experiment on the wet painted nails how lines would look. I only did the polka dots on the wet nails. I am curious now to see if it will work just as well if  I draw lines with this pen on top of the still wet paint. 

You can click here or on the image below to check this pen out. It comes in a set of two.

I enjoyed the results I got with this pen. Also, it was really easy to work with.

nail art pen white

This pen has a fine tip to achieve more precision.

nail art pen white

And here is the picture of the polka dots I created using this pen

nail art pen white

Christian Dior Top Coat Abricot

You can click on the image below or the link under the image to check it out.

This is my favorite top coat to use once I finish painting my nails. 

I experimented with applying it right after I painted the polka dots onto the still wet nail polish and the result was great! I did not smear anything. The top coat ran smoothly down my nails as if they were dry. It is one of the best top coats that I have ever worked with. I really use this one on all of my paints. 

It also cuts the nail drying time in half or even more, depending on the nail polish you use or how old it is. The older the nail polish the longer the time it takes to dry. But with this top coat I actually never have had to worry about whether my paint is new or old. I highly recommend you give this top coat a try. 

This top coat really speeds up the drying time and does not smudge the nail polish

Christian Dior top coat abricot

Below is the list of the products I used. You can click each one and the link will take you straight to that item.

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