how to learn to paint your nails

How To: Learn to Paint Your Nails

Hot To: Learn to paint your nails. Learn to paint your nails neatly. Natural nails. Professional quality nails at home.

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When it comes to learning how to paint your nails neatly, you just gotta keep in mind two things: patience and practice make everything happen. 

I have been doing my own manicure and painting my nails since I was thirteen. Before then, I watched my mom do hers never even imagining that I could have been learning while observing her working on her nails. Then she started doing my manicure and painting my nails for me. Before I knew it, I asked her whether I could try to do my own manicure, and my mom said yes. She carefully observed my every move, making sure that I did not cut my skin, or hurt myself. She was surprised with the final result. It came out great.

I Realized a Few Things...

There are a few things I realized that day. One, I was even better at doing my own manicure than my mom had ever done for me. And two, that I never would need to depend on anyone doing it for me who probably wouldn’t even be anywhere near as good as my mom who was a pro at it. The reason that I did my own manicure better than my mom had for me previously was simple: I could feel my own fingers and knew just how far I could cut or how to carefully clean out the excess skin without hurting myself. No other person would be able to feel me better than I could. 

Granted, I still recommend going to salons when you want to pamper yourself. But it is always great to be able to do it yourself whenever you feel like it and without having to depend on anyone. If I want to wear a red dress and have matching nails, I just do it right there and I am ready to go. I don’t have to worry about a salon being able to see me last minute, or do a good job, or have enough time to make it happen before I go out. It’s all done in five minutes upstairs in my bathroom. With time, you can learn how to do it that fast, too.

If You'd Like to Learn More

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NOTE: Please check out the tutorial video to learn how to paint your nails. It is much easier to show you how to use the brush and to actually apply the paint onto your nails via video instead of pictures. In the post here I go over choosing your paints and tricks regarding the brushes, and the top coat.

Know Your Brushes: They are not all equal

A few years ago the brush I am going to talk about came out. It literally changed the beauty industry. Well, at least for me, it certainly has. I highly recommend that you use the nail paints that have this type of brush. Now almost every quality nail polish company offers this brush because they know that experienced professionals are pretty much only using that type now. 

Check out my video tutorial to learn more about this brush. In short, it is the shape of this flat, wide brush that allows you to apply the paint with maximum efficiency and speed. You make least amount of mistakes using this brush because depending on your nail size you only need one or two strokes to cover the entire nail bed with the color. This brush is literally perfect for nail polish application.

You can get this nail polish here by following this link. 

And the same type of brush for top coat...

Check out the brush on the top coat that I recommend. As you can see, it is the same kind of flat, wide brush that allows you to apply the top coat with minimal effort and effectively. Read below to learn why I recommend this particular top coat by Dior. 

Click here to get your Dior Top Coat. 

Or click on either of the two images below.

The Top Coat I Recommend - Dior Top Coat

As I describe in the tutorial video on how to paint your own nails, the reasons for this particular top coat are very simple but very hard to find in other top coats out there on the market. 

  • This top coat has the right kind of brush. It is very important not to forget that the brush makes a big difference in the quality of your manicure. 
  • This is the ultimate high-end top coat that also gives your nails that ultimate high-end finish look that no other top coat offers (in my experience). I have literally not found another one out there that gives me that wealthy, high end look nails that can make any nail polish, expensive or cheap look like a million bucks. 
  • The time it takes for my nails to dry with this nail polish: 5-15 mins. I am not making this up. Some nail polishes dry as quickly as a couple of minutes on me. It depends on how old the nail polish it, but what really makes a difference is this bad boy top coat. It truly helps your nails to dry up fast. 
  • It makes my manicure last longer. I’ve tried many top coats. Some make the nail polish worse, some are neutral, and others plainly just destroy the nail polish color. This top coat by Dior actually protects the nail polish and makes it last me much, much longer, 
Or click on either of the two images below.

How to Choose and Inspect the Nail Polish

When you pick up the nail polish itself, it is important to know that the color on the bottle might not look the same on your nails once you apply it. The reason is simple, there is a lot of nail polish concentrated in that little tube. Once you apply it onto your nails, you are extracting a very small amount of that liquid from that bottle. Very often, the color is riches in the bottle and looks very diluted once you apply it, even if you put on multiple coats. So, what to do about it?

The solution is simple. When I look for a new nail polish there are a few steps I go through before deciding on which one to get.

What to Look For

  • First, shake the tube to make the color even throughout. 
  • Then, open it up and look at the consistency of the color on the brush. If it looks watery and thin, then chances are it will look watery and less concentrated on your nails once you apply it. 
  • If the paint is thick on the brush and looks similar in color to what you see on the bottle, that means they did a good job with delivering you a color that will be similar on your nail to what you see on the bottle. 
  • You’re safe buying the thick one like in the picture below. Note how similar the color is on the brush to the color on the tube, and on the nails. 
  • With time, you will be able to get very good at looking at the colors and seeing if they will ‘deliver’ the color they’re showing on the tube.
Or clicking on any image below.

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Take care, and hit me an email if you’d like more help or have questions on painting your nails. I’ll be posting on how to choose the right colors to bring out your skin tone soon. 

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