Best Makeup Foundation for Radiant Skin

My favorite make up foundations. Best make up foundations for radiant skin.

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There are a lot of make up foundations out there. They all promise to do miracles for our skin. Yes, there are so few of them that actually deliver the results they promise. I am a huge fan of finding a make up foundation that makes my skin look radiant. I also prefer the kinds of foundations that do not dry out my skin. In addition, the kind of foundation that won’t clog my pores either. And, most of all, the type that will not damage the health of my skin.

I have personally gone through a long journey of finding best products that do not damage my skin. In the long run, healthy skin is the goal. When skin is healthy it is also a perfect canvas to work with. 

Below I will describe my favorite make up foundations. I will keep expanding this list with time so keep checking back.  

Dr. Schrammek Regulating Care Blemish Balm Classic

Dr. Schrammek Regulating Care Blemish Balm Classic is one of my top choices in make up foundations. As you know, I am the kind of girl who will only use the best products on the market. I recommend you do the same because your skin deserves the best treatment. 

It also treats blemishes like pimples and makes them go away faster.

This product is perfect to rock a subtle, natural look, or to use as a foundation below your make up. One of the best parts about it is that it offers actual skin “care” part, too. If you have a pimple or a cold sore, put some of this on there. This foundation also treats the blemishes and makes them go away sooner. 

If you like a subtle, natural look or a good foundation that does not dry your skin but prepares it for additional make up layers, this is the perfect product for you. For me, it allows me to get that final glamorous look of well cared, nourished skin. 

Another amazing part about this product is that you can apply it under your eyes. It really covers the under eye dark spots. It also stays nice and smooth for the duration of the entire day.  I also use it on my eye lids. It works fantastic if you want a natural make up look. 

None of these foundations irritate the eyes. You can safely use them under your eyes or on your eye lids. This creates a perfect natural look make up that is also very easy and fast.

It is perfect for different skin tones even though it might look much darker out of the tube than your skin tone.

Below is the picture of how it looks on my skin once I spread it around. I have a very fair skin tone. Not sure how they did it, but it really is one of the truest to tone foundations that I have ever found so far. It comes in many tones so you can find one that will really work great for you. 

As you can see, it looks much darker than my skin tone. However, once I apply this foundation it really becomes true to tone.

Bottom line: do not worry when you receive the product and try it that what comes out is way darker than what you need. When you put it on you will be amazed at how much lighter it actually is on your skin and how it compliments the deep tones of your skin color in ways you never thought possible. 

HINT: Sometimes mixing two tones also works great to create a combo tone to find the perfect match for your skin.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Make Up Foundation

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Make Up Foundation is my second go to foundation. This product is also very gentle on your skin and does not dry you out. As you can see from the pictures below, it is also pretty close to my skin tone. It is not as an ideal of a match as the product I describe before this one. However, when I want to have a little bit of a tan – just a tiny bit – this works great. 

It comes in various shades and tones, so make sure you find one that is true to your skin. 

I’ve had this foundation for a long while. It really lasts well. You need very little of it. Just a few little pumps and you got yourself a really radiant looking glow. I also apply it under my eyes. Unlike the first foundation above (Dr. Schrammek), this one is not as ideal to use under your eyes. But it still stays pretty put. 

Whenever I am in a hurry and don’t have much time, I use all of these foundations I describe in this post both on my face and under my eyes. I also use them on my eyelids.

I like the kind of foundations that I can use all over if I am pressed for time. 

This foundation does not cause me any pimples or dries me out. It is perfect to use when I want a little bit of a darker foundation. This makes a big difference depending on your make up desires for that day. Also, if you are going out in the evening and want to have more of a contoured face, this foundation is ideal. 

My favorite part about this foundation is that if I have a blemish, a pimple or my skin is irritated for some reason, this product really covers them up. It makes my skin look completely clear and radiant.

This foundation does not dry your skin out. It also does not cause you any pimples or breakouts.

It gives me a little bit more of a tan. This is great if I am going out in the evening and want to give myself a little bit more of a contour. 

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Radiance Makeup

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Radiance Makeup is my third make up foundation to go to. This one is quite watery, but it distributes really well. It gives me even more of a tan than the two foundations I describe above.

This foundation is also SPF 15. This is great news if you, let’s say, forget to put sunscreen on underneath. 

This foundation is my least favorite to apply under the eyes. It collects in the lines under the eyes fast. However, when it comes to using it on the eye lids it is just as perfect as the other two. 

The benefits of this foundation are numerous. One, it is very easy to apply and stays on all day. Another benefit is that it has the SPF which is perfect for when I forget to use sunscreen. This foundation also gives that nice radiance to my skin. I often use it for my natural make up look. 

Another great thing about this foundation is that it gives me a nice tone. That is perfect for when I want a little bit more color in my foundation. It helps to get more contouring this way.

Let me know your thoughts and if there are other products that you’d like me to check out. I always give my honest opinion. No sense in reviewing something and then not being honest. 

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